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Meet The Team

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Tony Smiraldi

Producer/Technical Advisor

Tony owns and operates Quik Tech Solutions L.LC, a small IT company providing residential and small business services. Visit for more information. In addition, Tony is also a Youtube content creator. Topics on his channel are tech-related ranging from instructional videos, product reviews, to basic networking practices.


The Unbridled Emotions project is yet another opportunity for him to grow and explore, while at the same time, enable a friend to live out his dreams.


Michael Hunt

Michael Anthony Hunt, Sr. hails from Brooklyn, New York and currently resides in the Southern California area.  He is an accomplished musician and vocalist specializing in a variety of musical genres.  Michael has been involved in music education on both coasts as a teacher and choir director for 30+ years. As a performer, Michael has been a member of several musical bands,, performing a wide variety of musical genres. Michael also does some work in the world of acting and modeling. 


Upon joining the Unbridled Emotions project, Michael proudly adds the titles of composer and arranger to his list of achievements and career dreams.

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Musical Composer/Arranger

Special thanks to my wife Dorothy Cole for editing my writings and continued support.

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